Temperature is changing now – and adaptation to Climate Change must be taken. Air temperature is rising, as is sea-level. Furthermore, forests are drying up, polar ice is melting, ecosystems are changing. [1]

Adaptation to Climate Change

There is need now for a U.S. national network on adaptation to climate change.[2] So, from now through the next 50-100 years they have to accomplishment at least four things:

  1. Identify who “on the ground” at local, state, regional, national/binational, and international levels is doing and planning to do an adaptation. They include stakeholder consultation on policy and implementation.
  2. Amplify and strengthen the work of those on the ground and increase their number by telling them about each other and ensuring best practices. People will know and share them. Moreover, by telling the media and policymakers and the public about them, they get even more attention.
  3. Permit change in US policy on climate change by demonstrating that there exists a significant constituency of voters. Those voters should understand climatic change, the anthropogenic influences on it, and endorse fiscally intelligent responses proposed to it.[3]
  4. Counteract the widespread misperception that if one strongly feels we need adaptation, one is against the equally strong need for mitigation. Mitigation thinking is summed up in the call to “Stop Global Warming.” Yes, we may be able to slow or stop warming—100 years from now or more. Adaptation thinking is summed up as “Climate is changing now. What actions make sense now to help people and animals and the planet that we will be glad we took 100 years from now?”[4]

It is harder to face what we need now than to think about the more distant future. Will you join us?


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